Our mission is to promote vaccination education and wellness promotion for a healthy community.  We believe in encouraging young patients to get vaccinated and ease their anxiety towards “shots”.

About Us:

As parents our primary duty is to make sure our kids are healthy and safe.  Unfortunately we can not keep kids from getting sick(for now).  To limit their exposure to illness we take preventative measures such as getting immunization shots.  Influenza is a virus that attack the respiratory system.  According to the CDC the percentage of kids who get flu vaccinations was roughly 60 percent during the 2015-2016 flu season.  During the same period the CDC reported an estimated 16 million children, under 18 years, to have had flu illness.  We hope to bring awareness and education to increase the number of vaccinations given to children and to reduce flu illness in the community.


Jectofer Ramirez
Jectofer RamirezCEO - Founder
Jectofer has over 20 years of experience in the FinTech Industry. He has experience implementing marketing campaigns reaching wide variety of audiences. His philosophy is to make information available and delivery to all persons. He believes overall community prosperity is the result of decisions and actions based on the communication of information.

Carol Coloma, FNP-BC
Carol Coloma, FNP-BCMedical Director
Carol has over 25 years experience as a health care provider. She believes that engaging patients to be active participants in their health care leads to a healthy community. Carol focuses educating patients on health promotion and disease prevention.