We create innovative suite of products to bring vaccine awareness and health promotion to young patients.  Anxiety of needles and injections can undermine the health of the community.  We provide products to encourage young patients to not be afraid of “shots”.  Our products also provide marketing material for Health Providers and Organizations to better communicate the benefits of vaccination.

  • VaxnNation Issue 1 Volume 1
  • VaxnNation Issue 1 Volume2

Follow Jordan and Michael as they travel through mysterious portal to find their Mom.  They must navigate strange but beautiful lands filled with wild animals, insects and plants to find clues on finding their Mom.  They must remain healthy to survive their adventure.  This comic series is adventurous, entertaining and educational.  Comic encourages kids to not be afraid of needles and how vaccination helps a family stay healthy.

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CDC Recommended Immunization Schedule For Children Under 18 Years Of Age

These recommendations must be read with the footnotes. For those who fall behind or start late, provide catch-up vaccination at the earliest opportunity as indicated by the green bars in Figure 1.
School entry and adolescent vaccine age groups are shaded in gray.
NOTE: The above recommendations must be read along with the footnotes of this schedule.